We Do Land and Acreage Loans

throughout Washington!

A mortgage lender for over 30 years, Gregory M.Russell has helped thousands of customers obtain quick cash using their property as collateral.
  • Have bad credit?
  • Been turned down by conventional lenders?
  • Self-employed? Filed bankruptcy?
  • Your property doesn't qualify for a bank loan?

"Sufficient equity is all you need!"

Call and ask for Rachel
also available nights and weekends to answer your questions!


As a private lender, we do land and acreage loans without the paperwork and delays of conventional lenders. Call us today. You'll be glad you did!


We make real estate loans on land throughout Washington. We have money available for loans on residential lots, acreage, farmland, grazing land, and commercial property. In short, if you own land in Washington and have sufficient equity, we can help.*


We are not a conventional lender. Our funds are private money and consequently we don't have any of the credit and income requirements associated with the conventional mortgage lenders in Washington. Basically, if you have a good plan for repayment and sufficient real estate equity, we are going to fund your loan.*


Obtaining a land loan with us is a lot easier than you think! Call today and ask to speak to one of our land specialists!


*Except for large acreages, land must be buildable with services available.


With your good equity you're approved!