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Posted January 30th, 2019

How to Stage Your Investment Property for the Highest ROI

Get Fast Cash for Staging and Repairs from a Washington Hard Money Lender

Staging a home for sale can help ensure it gets the attention from buyers it deserves and gain a higher return on investment. Read more...

  Living room, kitchen interior, open living space – How to stage your property


Posted January 28th, 2019

How to Budget for a Home Renovation and Best ROI

Get a Washington Hard Money Loan for Investment Property Upgrades

Knowing how to create a budget when upgrading a rental property or renovating a fix and flip for the greatest return on investement is key to success as a real estate investor. Read more...

  Person using calculator, clipboard, house – How to budget home renovation


Posted December 31st, 2018

Winter Vacation Destinations: Where to Go in Washington State

Upgrade Your Rental Property with a Private Money Loan

Explore these diverse Washington State winter vacation destinations for the perfect rental property investment opportunity. Read more...

  Happy couple, jumping, woods, path – Washington State winter vacation destinations


Posted December 20th, 2018

How to Make Holiday Renters Warm, Welcome & Safe

Keep Your Washington Rental Property Secure with a Hard Money Loan

The holidays provide an opportunity to give renters a visit they won't forget. Make your holiday season renters feel welcome with these tips. Read more...

  Two people sitting in front of fire, socks, mugs – How to make holiday renters welcome


Posted November 27th, 2018

Boost Your Property Value with Kitchen or Bath Renovations

Get Fast Financing for Upgrades with a Washington Hard Money Loan

Making functional improvements to a kitchen or bathroom can be more cost-effective than going all out on a major cosmetic overhaul. Get the largest return on your investment. Read more...

  Beautiful kitchen, renovated – Boost property value with kitchen, bath renovations


Posted November 21st, 2018

What is an Equity Loan?

Finance Your Real Estate Investment With a Washington Private Money Loan

Hard money lenders offer fast, no-hassle equity loans to real estate investors when conventional lenders say no. Learn about terms, guidelines and more. Read more...

  Desktop with houses, charts, calculator, loan officer – What is an equity loan


Posted October 30th, 2018

How to Find a Reliable Hard Money Lender

Our Washington Hard Money Loan Team Has 30 Years' Experience

Knowing where to go for a positive hard money lending experience can be a challenge. Follow these tips to help you identify a hard money lender with a reputation you can trust. Read more...

  Two people shaking hands, loan officer – Find a reliable hard money lender


Posted October 24th, 2018

How to Sell an Investment Property in the Fall

Get a Fast Cash Hard Money Loan to Improve Your Washington Home Before Selling

Fall, especially in the Pacific Northwest, can be a terrific time of year to put a property on the market. With a bit of prep work and planning, autumn offers unique opportunities to sellers. Read more...

  Beautiful home exterior, fall leaves and decor – How to sell an investment property


Posted October 1st, 2018

Seattle in Top Five Most Profitable Housing Markets in U.S.

Invest in Washington Real Estate with a Private Money Loan

It pays to know where to put your money for the most profitable return on real estate investment. Seattle is one of the top five cities where housing prices are projected to continue to rise. Read more...

  Modern house exterior overlooking Seattle waterfront – Seattle in top five profitable US housing markets


Posted September 26th, 2018

Maintenance Tips for a Safe, Secure Rental Property

Get Fast Cash for Rental Repairs with a Washington Private Money Loan

Successful landlords lower the risk of costly property repairs and build positive tenant relationships by staying on top of safety and security items with regularly scheduled maintenance. Read more...

  Man repairing lock on door – Rental property safety maintenance tips


Posted August 29th, 2018

More Seattle Rentals Keeping Cool with Air Conditioning

Make Rental Property Improvements with a Hard Money Loan

Air conditioners have become an expected amenity in Seattle rental properties. Landlords are taking note and making upgrades to stay competitive and meet demand. Read more...

  Air conditioning units outside of condos – Seattle Rentals Keep Cool with Air Conditioning


Posted August 24th, 2018

How to Landscape and Maintain Your Rental Property

Finance Rental Upkeep with a Washington Hard Money Loan

How do you keep rental property landscaping looking good year-round? Follow these tips for easy outdoor maintenance of your real estate investment. Read more...

  Yard with green shrubs, lawnmower – How to Landscape Rental Property


Posted August 3rd, 2018

How We Make Private Money Loans

Finance Your Real Estate Investment with a Washington Hard Money Loan

Private money loans are a great option for real estate investors who have been turned down by convestional lenders. How does the loan process work? Read more...

  Lender, client signing loan documents – How Private Money Lenders Make Loans


Posted July 31st, 2018

Seattle Makes List of Cities with Best Quality of Life

Our Experienced Private Money Lenders Offer a Quality Experience

Seattle is ranked among 50 of the most highly livable cities in the world according to Mercer's annual Quality of Living report, making it a great place for real estate investors to purchase. Read more...

  Kayaking on Lake Union, Seattle – Seattle, WA Makes Best Quality of Life List


Posted July 10th, 2018

How to Increase Your Vacation Rental Property Income

Use a Washington Hard Money Loan for Fast Financing

More and more vacationers are looking for vacation home rental options. Follow these tips to keep your rental property booked for the highest return on investment. Read more...

  Happy family in vacation home – Increase Your Vacation Rental Property Income


Posted June 27th, 2018

Stage Your Investment Property For A Higher ROI

Our Washington Hard Money Lenders Provide Fast Financing

Staging a home decreases the time it remains on the market and increases its dollar value. Follow these steps to stage your investment property for a successful sale. Read more...

  Key with House Staging Tips tag – Stage Your Investment Property


Posted June 2nd, 2018

Invest in a Vacation Rental at Lake Chelan, Washington

Get the Investment Funding You Need with a Private Money Lender

Lake Chelan, Washington in the Cascade Mountains is a vacation paradise, boasting more than 300 days of sunshine each year. Discover the valley's real estate investment opportunities and talk to our hard money loan team. Read more...

  Lake Chelan, Washington view – Invest in a vacation rental at Lake Chelan, WA


Posted May 19th, 2018

How to Improve Your Real Estate ROI

Lock in Easy Financing with a Washington Private Money Loan

Return on your real estate investment (ROI) doesn't happen overnight. What does it take to make the highest return? Patience, perseverance and hard work. Read more...

  Hand holding small house, dollar signs – How to improve your real estate ROI


Posted May 4th, 2018

Smart Reasons to Use a Hard Money Lender

A Washington State Hard Money Loan Can Be Your In to Real Estate

Whether you're interested in fix and flips or rental properties, there are funding sources that can help make your investment goals a reality. Why hard money lenders are a smart financing option. Read more...

  Two people shaking hands, money and calculator – How to find a private money lender


Posted Arpril 27th, 2018

Fun Spring Day Trips Around Washington State

Explore – Then Invest with a Hard Money Loan

If you're looking for any reason to invest in one of the country's hottest housing markets, look no further. Take a day trip and explore all that Washington State has to offer. Read more...

  Field of tulips, Skagit – Spring Day Trips, Washington State


Posted March 27th, 2018

How to Make a Smart Waterfront Real Estate Purchase

Invest in Washington Waterfront Properties with a Private Money Loan

A waterfront property can be a terrific investment, particularly in the Northwest. With a solid grasp of the challenges to look out for, the benefits of any well-located property can be realized. Read more...

  House overlooking water, dock – How to purchase waterfront real estate


Posted March 23rd, 2018

What to Know Before Purchasing Remote NW Property

Finance with a Washington State Hard Money Real Estate Loan

There is a lot consider when purchasing investment property beyond developed real estate markets. Follow our tips when buying remote real estate in the Northwest. Read more...

  House in a field with mountains – How to purchase remote NW property


Posted March 5th, 2018

Tenant Screening Tips for Washington Rental Investors

Hard Money Loan Offer Fast Cash for Rental Upkeep

High demand for rentals is good news for investors in Washington State. But how do you separate the good tenants from the not-so-good. Follow these six tips for tenant screening success. Read more...

  landlord handing keys to tenant – Tenant screening tips


Posted January 31st, 2018

Goal-Setting for Success in Real Estate Investing

Consider a Washington hard money loan to kickstart your project

The most successful real estate investors think ahead and stay focused on long–term goals, particularly in a popular, highly competitive market like Washington State. How do they do it? Read more...

  straight road, road signs, goal posts, home icon – Goal-setting for success in real estate investing


Posted February 21st, 2018

How to Find Deals in a Competitive Real Estate Market

Invest in Hot Western Washington Market with a Hard Money Real Estate Loan

The Seattle-King County area is as hot as ever. How do you find real estate deals in a market that is so competitive, especially starting out as an investor? Read more...

  Monopoly houses, money – How to find real estate deals in a competitive market


Posted January 23rd, 2018

How to Apply for a Hard Money Loan

Our Washington hard money lenders make financing fast, simple

Hard money loans provide a fast, flexible altermative to traditional real estate investment funding sources. You’ve decided to apply. Now what? Read more...

  Clock, calculator, houses, coins – How to apply for a hard money loan


Posted December 29th, 2017

Great Reasons to Purchase Real Estate in the Off Season

A Washington hard money loan can provide fast financing

There are good reasons to pursue a real estate purchase during the off season, particularly in a popular market like Washington State. Read more...

  Person handing keys to buyer – Reasons to purchase real estate in off season


Posted December 24th, 2017

Tips for Real Estate Investing Success

Hard money lenders can help kickstart real estate investing

Get started in real estate investing with these helpful tips – then talk to our hard money lender team to learn about fast financing. Read more...

  Money growth, coin graph with houses – Tips for real estate investment success


Posted November 29th, 2017

Seattle Rises to Top of U.S. Real Estate Hot List

Our WA Private Money Lenders Can Help Give You the Edge

Seattle has risen to the top as a favored location in the country for investors according to a recent PwC real estate trend report. Read more...

  Seattle, WA skuline - Seattle ranks high in real estate investing


Posted November 16th, 2017

7 Steps to Successfully Purchasing Real Estate

Finance with an equity loan from our Washington hard money lenders

Planning to invest in a rental property or house flip in Washington State next year? November and December are the ideal time to prepare to enter one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. Read more...

  Desktop, making list – Steps to purchasing real estate


Posted November 2nd, 2017

Invest in Off-Campus Housing for Your College Student

Finance with an equity loan from our Washington hard money lenders

It's an exciting time when your child leaves home for college. But along with the transition comes the sticker shock of tuition, room and board. Some parents opt to invest in off–campus housing. Read more...

  College students sitting on porch – Invest in off-campus housing


Posted October 20th, 2017

Bellevue: King County Schools Make the Grade

Our Washington Hard Money Lenders Help You Invest in Your Future

Real estate investors consider many factors when purchasing a rental or house flip. The condition of the property, age, size, location and cost are all important. The quality of the local school district should be equally high on the list. Read more...

  Kids getting on school bus – Invest in top-ranked King County school districts


Posted September 28th, 2017

Rental Property Maintenance Checklist for Early Fall

Washington hard money lenders make real estate repairs easy!

Prepare your rental property for the winter months ahead and save time and money longterm by following these quick and easy maintenance to do's now. Our hard money lender team can provide convenient funding for repairs. Read more...

  Man pressure washing house – Rental property maintenance list for fall


Posted September 14th, 2017

Seattle Metro a Top Millennial Move–to Destination

Invest in rental upgrades with a Washington hard money loan

Metro areas tend to be a draw for millennials, and Seattle makes the top ten list of cities that attract 20 to 34–year–olds. Smart real estate investors are taking note and targeting rentals to a potential market estimated at 80 million people. Read more...

  Group of friends – Invest in the millennial rental market


Posted September 3rd, 2017

Helpful House Flip Construction To–Do List

Talk to a Washington hard money lender about an easy equity loan

Follow this house flip construction check list to keep your investment property upgrade on track whether you're a long–time flipper or taking on your first flip. Short on funds? A hard money loan is fast and easy. Read more...

  Construction site plans – House flip construction to do list


Posted August 8th, 2017

6 Super Move-to Seattle Suburbs

Need a little financial boost? Talk to our Washington hard money loan team

Seattle is a popular move–to destination. But not everyone is attracted to the hustle and bustle of the city. If you're interested in investing in property in the region, check out these six super suburbs. Read More...

  Seattle skyline – Invest in Washington State


Posted August 2nd, 2017

How to Make the Most of Summer's Hot Real Estate Market

Have your financing at the ready with a Washington hard money loan

The housing market may be tight in the Pacific Northwest, but summer is the season for real estate investors to put their skills to work. ...(Read More)

  House for sale – How to invest in summer real estate


Posted June 30th, 2017

House Flipping? How to Determine Your After Repair Value (ARV)

Keep Your Projected ARV On Target With a Hard Money Loan

A solid grasp of the ARV of any rehab project is critical to a successful flip, not only for loan purposes but to get an adequate sense of the potential return on your investment. Read more...

  House and calculator – Determine house flip ARV


Posted June 20th, 2017

Top Reasons to Invest in a Washington Vacation Rental

Hard money loans come in handy when investing in a competitive market

If you live in the Seattle metro–area and are thinking about getting into the vacation rental market, this Northwest corner of the country is a smart place to invest. But where to buy? Read more...

  Beachfront homes – Invest in a vacation rental home


Posted May 27th, 2017

Smart Home & Apartment Maintenance Projects for Spring

Talk to a hard money lender about investment property upgrades

Spring is the ideal time to get outdoors and focus on upgrades and repairs to homes and apartments. A little seasonal maintenance goes a long way towards protecting your investment. Read more...

  Hands planting spring flowers – Property maintenance projects


Posted May 11th, 2017

Typical Apartment Tenant Upgrades & How to Handle Them

Anticipate costly tenant upgrades, protect your investment with a hard money loan

Common apartment tenant upgrades can be costly to landlords. Follow these tips on how to handle and avoid damage to your rental investment property. Unexpected repairs? A hard money lender can help. Read More...

  Hand painting wall – Avoiding costly apartment tenant upgrades


Posted April 30th, 2017

Annual Rental Property Maintenance Checklist

Hard money lenders help finance investment properties

Maintaining a rental property, especially after extreme winter weather like Washington State has seen, can be challenging. Follow our annual maintenance to do's to keep your investment in top shape ...(Read More)

  Tools – Rental property maintenance checklist


Posted April 21st, 2017

Richland and Kennewick Washington: Great Real Estate Markets for First-time Investors

Get a head start on investing with a hard money loan

If you're considering real estate investing, Richland and Kennewick in Southeastern Washington, ranked as first and third Healthiest Real Estate Markets in the state, offer excellent investment opportunities. As experienced hard money lenders, we can help provide you the financing you need to get started ...(Read More)

  View of Kennewick and Richland WA, Great Real Estate Markets


Posted April 1st, 2017

Tips for Success in Buying a Vacation Rental Property

Finance your vacation rental investment with a hard money loan

If you're thinking of investing in a vacation rental property, it pays to be prepared. We take an inside look at how to successfully purchase vacation rental properties in Washington State ...(Read More)

  Log cabin vacation rental interior – How to buy a vacation rental property


Posted March 18th, 2017

High Demand for Single Family Rentals in Seattle

Hard money lenders help investors acquire SFR's in hot markets

Single family rentals are in high demand in the popular Seattle/Puget Sound region. Knowing how to successfully buy an SFR in a hot real estate market provides investors an edge ...(Read More)

  House for rent – High demand for Seattle SFR’s


Posted February 28th, 2017

How to Invest in Real Estate with Less Than Perfect Credit

Hard money lenders offer easy loan options

You may think that the popular Seattle-metro area real estate market is beyond reach as an investor if you have poor credit. We take a look at the options ...(Read More)

  Hand writing What’s Your Score – How to invest in real estate with poor credit


Posted February 14th, 2017

Bothell Investment Opportunities are Growing

Get a jump on investment properties with a hard money loan

Bothell, Washington is experiencing a development and construction boon, offering prime opportunities to real estate investors. Looking beyond major metropolitan markets can provide sometimes surprising investment rewards ...(Read More)

  Bothell, Washington – Bothell Investment Opportunities


Posted February 2nd, 2017

College Towns Smart Choice for Real Estate Investment

Invest with the help of hard money lender services

College towns like Seattle and Pullman, Washington provide profitable return on investment for investors in rental properties ...(Read More)

  young woman in front of apartments – College towns are great for real estate investment


Posted Janurary 27th, 2017

Seattle Rental Boom Projected to Continue in 2017

Investment in multi–unit rental properties with help of hard money loan a smart move

High demand for rentals in Seattle create prime opportunity for investors in multi–unit and single family rental properties. Hard money lender services offer fast cash assistance in competitive markets like Seattle–metro ...(Read More)

  For rent sign in front of house – Seattle Rental Boom to Continue 2017


Posted December 18th, 2016

Best Holiday Light Displays in the Northwest

Our hard money lender team shares favorite holiday light celebrations

We love the Northwest. We know that Oregon, Washington and Idaho boast top move–to destinations in the US for good reason.

We're celebrating the holiday season by sharing some of our corner of the country's best light displays and shows. Take the time to treat yourself in the days to come to one – or more – of these dazzing displays and enjoy the unique beauty of the Northwest aglow in mid-winter ...(Read More)

  holiday light display – northwest holiday light celebrations


Posted December 17th, 2016

Winterizing Tips to Protect Your Investment Property

Come in from the Cold with the Help of a Hard Money Lender

Tempuratures have dropped. If you've not yet done so, it's time to winterize your property, both inside and out, to avoid loss of value. Even in milder winter climates like Washington State, extreme weather fronts can take you by surprise and leave you and your real estate investment – literally – in the cold ...(Read More)

  Model of house wrapped in scarf – Home winterizing tips


Posted November 29th, 2016

5 Real Estate Investment Steps to Success

Hard money lenders are a helpful resource for real estate investors

You're a real estate investor, in the market to make money.

Sometimes things go wrong that are out of your control. Deals fall through, properties need unexpected repairs, tenants don't pay, financing goes south ...(Read More)

  real estate vocabulary words – real estate investment pitfalls


Posted November 15th, 2016

5 Smart Real Estate Investment Tips

Hard Money Lenders Offer Creative Loan Options in Hot Markets

Seattle is currently making headlines as one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. Housing prices across Washington, as reported in June, are rising faster than in any other state, with prices growing at a rate nearly double the national average ...(Read More)

  Man looking at laptop researching real estate property – Smart real estate investment tips


Posted October 26th, 2016

When & Why to Hire a Property Manager

Tips to protect your real estate investment properties

Real estate is a smart investment. Taking care of your investment to ensure a monthly cash flow is even smarter.

Whether you're new to multifamily or rental property investing or already have a well–established portfolio of properties, a good property manager can be the key to a successful experience as an investor and landlord ...(Read More)

  woman’s hand handing new apartment keys to male hand – why and when to hire a property manager


Posted October 16th, 2016

Green building equals better environment, smart investment

Invest in sustainable multifamily housing with a hard money loan

Seattle, Washington is called the Emerald City in the Evergreen State for it's lush, green surroundings.

But this verdant corner of the Northwest is a leader in green building as well...(Read More)

  Hands holding green paper houses – Invest in green building for a better future


Posted October 5th, 2016

4 Top Reasons to Invest in Real Estate After Labor Day

Hard money lenders offer easy investment property loan assistance

Ask any realtor and you'll hear that there are distinctly seasonal ebbs and flows to the real estate market. Home sales are traditionally at their peak from early spring until fall – a time when the weather is mild, properties show at their best, and owners are often in transition between one school year and the next ...(Read More)

  house with yard and autumn leaves – invest in real estate after Labor Day


Posted September 27th, 2016

Revamp your business for greater success

A hard money lender can help rejuvenate your small business

Staying competitive in today's rapidly evolving business world means staying aware of the world around you.

If you find you're losing that edge and business isn't what it used to be, it may be time for a revamp of your business model ...(Read More)

  Business woman takes payment from customer – Revamp your business for greater success


Posted August 30th, 2016

Invest in Your Future with Rental Property Income

Private money lenders offer bridge to rental real estate investments

Whether you're looking ahead to the golden years or already retired, rental properties can provide a steady source of income to support your retirement with some forethought and fortitude ...(Read More)

  retired couple with house key – investment property, rental real estate


Posted August 27th, 2016

Rising Rents in Seattle are Fastest Growing in US

Succeed in competitive rental market with financing from hard money lenders

It's official. Rents in Seattle, Washington are rising at a faster rate than in any other major city in the country ...(Read More)

  Seattle home, rental property – Seattle rents growing fast


Posted August 15th, 2016

The How To's of House Flipping

Hard money loans provide flexible real estate investment resource

House flipping has seen its share of ups and downs along with the housing market over the years.

According to Realty Trac's Year-End and Q4 2015 U.S. Home Flipping Report, the share of homes flipped in 2015 saw an increase of 75% from the previous year in 83 of 110 metropolitan areas nationwide ...(Read More)

  Piggy bank with home remodel planning tools – House flipping financing


Seattle Is Top Forecast Real Estate Market

Strong market and hard money lenders provides opportunity to leverage your property value

If you think Seattle and its surrounding environs are special, you're not the only one.

According to property valuation and risk assessment expert Veros Real Estate Solutions (Veros), Seattle, WA and Portland, OR are the top two real estate markets in the country, with residential market values forecast to appreciate at +11.2% and +11.1% respectively...(Read More)

  Seattle skyline – Seattle Tops Real Estate Markets


Puget Sound Inventory of Homes Remains Tight

Hard Money Lenders Move Fast to Secure Real Estate Acquisitions

With Seattle making the list as a top real estate market of 2016, homes in the Emerald City and the surrounding Puget Sound area are hot properties. Tim Ellis reports in the Seattle Bubble that while the Seattle-Central Puget Sound market experienced an increase in listings in May the number of buyers kept an equal pace, essentially keeping the inventory of available homes at a historically low level ...(Read More)

  Puget Sound Home Inventory Tight


So What Is a Hard Money Loan?

Hard Money Lending Means Fast Cash In Your Pocket

Mystery and confusion seem to frequently surround the definition of a hard money loan.

Simply put, a hard money loan is secured by real estate and funded by a private lender. The terms hard money and private money mean essentially the same thing and can be used interchangeably ...(Read More)

  High Home Prices


King County Home Prices Hit New Highs

Hard Money Loans Give Competitive Edge in a High Demand Market

According to a recent article by Sanjay Bhatt of the Seattle Times the medium price of single-family homes sold in King County hit a new all-time high last month of $514,975 ...(Read More)

  High Home Prices